Horticraft holland's best grow lights for indoor plants

Its slim design makes the DIODE perfect for any environment as a top or side sole-light source or supplemental light. The DIODE Series has a built-in power supply and heat sink and is the perfect light for propagation, growth, and flowering stages of any type of crop or plant. Can be used by professional growers and home-growers alike. With many different spectra, outputs and lengths available, there’s a suitable model for any type of grower.

The FRACTAL Series are indoor grow lights especially designed for vertical farm setups to grow leafy greens, herbs or microgreens. With a thickness of only 29mm (1.1inch) it is perfect for tight spaced cultivation, leaving maximum room for your crops to grow. The patented rectangular design has a lighting footprint to improve the uniformity of the spectral output. Combined with a balanced full spectrum light frequency, an optimized light intensity and high efficiency, FRACTAL is great for all serious vertical farmers.

Horticraft Holland’s FREQUENCY fixtures are indoor grow lights that are fully dedicated to the vegetative stage of the crop cycle. If this is the focus of your cultivation then the FREQUENCY is what you need. What sets this LED grow light apart from the rest is the unique full spectrum blend of light frequencies with a peak in blue light, which is essential for chlorophyll production and healthy stems and leaves. With 240 Watts at your disposal and a PPF of 665 µmol/s, reaching an efficiency of 2.8 µmol/J, you will maximize your returns of your vegetative crops

Attention professional and commercial greenhouse growers: PHOTON is the perfect one-on-one replacement for the still widely used but power-hungry 1000W double-ended High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lights. With an output of only 630W, the PHOTON will reduce your electricity bill significantly while still outperforming its HPS counterpart.  With the perfectly balanced full spectrum light output, it can be used as supplemental lighting in greenhouse environments or sole-source lighting for indoor settings. It is also very popular among growers as a LED grow lights for marijuana.

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LED grow light QUANTUM series for commercial cultivation high ppf high efficacy

Take a leap to the next level with QUANTUM. As one of the best LED grow lights for indoor plants, especially cannabis cultivation, it is on very high demand. With light uniformity, light intensity, color spectrum and efficiency at its best, you will reap the benefits to get maximum yield over your harvest. Make no mistake, you will be amazed what QUANTUM can do for your crops. It is equipped with Samsung LM301B LEDs, supplemented with 660nm LEDs, creating a well balanced full spectrum range for cannabis cultivation.

LED grow light WAVE series 5 bars 120cm 47 inch 400W

WAVE is a beast among the best grow lights for indoor plants. With the top model blasting 800W of ultra efficient light intensity onto the canopy, your cannabis girls will love you for it and will reward you with colas in return. Home growers now can take advantage of full spectrum LED grow lights that are extensively used in professional and commercial cannabis cultivation operations. With different sizes and outputs to choose from; WAVE will perfectly fit any grow tent or grow room. WAVE can be fully controlled and automated in combination with the SYNAPSE controller. (below)

LED grow light WAVE UV+FR series with 10 light bars 1 ultraviolet light and 1 far-red light spectrum

WAVE PRO, the avantgarde of full spectrum LED grow lights for indoor plants. Only if you want the best of the best. The WAVE PRO goes a step further when it comes to wavelengths; adding 400nm Ultraviolet-A and 730nm Far-Red in the mix. Both frequencies have profound effects on your crops. These frequencies stimulate second metabolites, increase trichrome production and yield, earlier flowering and more. We know you want it…


SYNAPSE is a controller box that is made for the WAVE series, including our newest WAVE PRO model. It includes temperature and humidity sensors, can be connected through solid cable or Bluetooth, sets light output level and light frequencies, and connects up to 100 grow lights through RJ14. Helping growers to achieve exceptional yield. Now YOU can outgrow a pro!