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LED grow lights

A Light-Emitting-Diode is a semiconductor light source, that looks like two legs and a glass cap on top. A LED can emit any kind of color light, including red, yellow, green, ultraviolet (UV) and infra-red (IR).

COB stands for Chip-On-Board and refers to the mounting of multiple LED modules on a substrate to form one module. Or in other words, a COB LED light consists of multiple smaller LED bulbs, usually around 340 to 400 single diodes.

Full Spectrum LED grow lights offer plants the complete light spectrum (PAR) they need for photosynthesis. While plants use mostly blue and red light for their vegetative and flowering phases, they need other frequencies as well. Horticraft Holland believes that the light offered to plants should be the same as the light they receive from the sun, which includes the whole light spectrum from Ultraviolet to Far-red light.

While HPS lights are good for growing plants, LEDs are better. LEDs offer a better light spectrum, are more sustainable, last much longer than HPS bulbs, emit far less heat so you can save money on climate control, and will also save you money on your energy bill. In the long run, LEDs are cheaper than HPS lights.

No. Light-Emitting-Diodes are safe and can be left on while you are not at home. However, always take caution when leaving lights on or placing lights close to heat sources. 

On average, LED grow lights will last between 50.000 and 54.000 hours or about 5 years. Did you buy LED grow lights at Horticraft Holland before? Then you might be eligible for a discount on your next order!

No. You do not need a grow tent to grow plants. Our lights can be used in spare rooms, garden sheds, the basement, or any other area where you have free space for growing your plants.


Shipping prices will be stated during the order process.

Lights will be sent within 72 hours of ordering if the ordered product and quantity is in stock. If we don’t have your product in stock, it could take several days or longer to manufacture the required product and quantity. 

Transit times are dependent on your chosen shipping method and are completely out of our control. Please check your e-mail and/or account for the latest updates and tracking code or contact the shipping service. Or contact us (and include your customer number, order number, etc.).

Please contact us at Please include your customer number and order number in the e-mail.

Horticraft Holland makes sure to pack their lights correctly to avoid any damage. However, in the unlikely event shipping has done damage to your lights, please contact us at Include your customer number, order number, and pictures of the damaged parts in the e-mail.

Yes. You will get 5 years warranty on all our Full Spectrum LED grow lights unless otherwise stated on the product page or in the catalog. Please consult the warranty information for all terms and further information.

If there is anything wrong with the order, or you feel you made a mistake, please contact us at

Horticraft Holland LED lights

Horticraft Holland offers world-class grow lights against very competitive prices. The specifications of our lights are similar to or better than that of our competitors, while our prices are almost always below theirs. For more information, please see our comparisons.

Yes. All LED grow lights are splashproof or waterproof. The waterproof rating is indicated by the IP rating on our product pages and in our catalog.

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