Dimming options for our advanced Led grow lights

Although not necessary, dimming can be very useful in certain crop cultivations. Dimming your advanced LED grow lights can help you fine-tune your cultivation strategy. It allows you to increase yield and quality of produce. However, the biggest advantage of dimming is the possible electricity costs savings. LEDs are already very energy efficient compared to the power-hungry HPS counterpart but when implementing a good dimming strategy, you can increase power savings substantially. 

It depends a lot on the crop you’re cultivating. Especially crops required a lot of light intensity, like medical cannabis, tomatoes and strawberries, a good dimming strategy will help you save a lot of money. If you’re growing microgreens or leafy greens, the savings would be minimal. These crops only require low light intensities so implementing a dimming strategy wouldn’t lower power consumption that much. It wouldn’t justify paying for the more advanced LED grow lights with dimming functions. Next to that, it would only complicate the cultivation of microgreens or leafy greens. Microgreens for example, only need to be grown for about 2 weeks.  

Horticraft Holland QUANTUM and Horticraft Holland WAVE series have up to 4 different options to dim your advanced LED grow lights. 

Click on the Dimming Options below to find out more:

In need of less advanced LED grow lights?

Are you cultivating or planning to cultivate microgreens, leafy greens or small herbs and don’t need powerful, sophisticated grow lights with dimming options? 
We then can recommend either the FRACTAL or DIODE Series. For more information please visit the product pages.

Horticraft Holland SYNAPSE

Controller Synapse for advanced LED grow lights

Horticraft Holland SYNAPSE – Advanced controller for advanced LED grow lights like the QUANTUM and WAVE Series

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