Indoor led grow lights of horticraft holland shown by happy customers

Our Full Spectrum indoor LED grow lights are high-quality and affordable. They have made numerous growers – big and small – happy. Below are some of the grow settings and yield pictures of growers using our indoor LED grow lights. Our grow lights can be used in professional settings as well as home settings, such as a grow tent. 

Some might have noticed already that most of the images of the grow settings shown throughout our website are actually from our happy customers. 

If you are a satisfied customer of Horticraft Holland, we would really appreciate it if you would send us some pictures, showcasing your indoor LED grow lights in action. Due to the nature of some crops being cultivated, we will of course respect your privacy.

Whatever you want to grow and wherever you want to grow, Horticraft Holland has a grow light solution for you.

James K.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, I started growing my own microgreens to provide my family with healthy food, to boost their immune system and actually growing together has been soo much fun! Since my oldest left the nest we had a spare room anyway, so we converted it to a grow room 🙂

420 grower

Was looking for a grow light with uv and found one here. Apparently UV works great for cannabis, and it shows! My buds are a lot bigger compared to my older set up (also LED, but no UV and less powerful light too). I am happy!

Mark from the UK
Growing my own stash :p

I was a bit skeptical about the cheap prices of your LED grow lights. I have a Fluence Spydr 2i and the specs of the Quantum are comparable but a lot cheaper in price so that raised a red flag for me. I gave it a try and to my amazement, the yield is also about the same! I’m convinced! Why pay more just for the name? Thank you!

B. M. Miller

Bought frequency for my grow area with plants. I wanted a high quality light, and not some cheap grow light. I think that better specs will help me grow better plants.. s great. It was easy to install and use. Delivery was ok and service fine. I got some good advice for using this light. All in all im happy with my purchase!

Barbara K.

I used to grow some herbs on a windowsill and under some light bulbs (normal desk light). At one point i got so much herbs and other veggies that I figured I needed a “real” set-up. Since I don’t really have a garden, just a balcony, I started looking into alternatives. I got a cheap shelf from the thrift shop and put all my greens on it. Obvious my desk light bulbs didnt fit and sunlight wasn’t enough to grow my plants.. after looking around on internet and some shops i got some information from different grow light webshops. When i called horticraft i actually got to talk to the CEO Niki and it was a very nice and informative talk. He really helped me picked the right kind of light. I was afraid it would take me a lot of time to install the lights, but it was as simple as plugging in and play! Pfiew! Now my herbs are growing much faster and bigger than before. So cool. My hobby just got even more fun! I love it. Again, thanks for your help Niki

Joris van Dijk

Nederlands bedrijf in groeilampen en dus Nederlands advies 🙂 erg blij mee. Heb een kleine tent met enkele vrouwelijke planten, en had al een tijd het idee om mijn HPS lampen te vervangen door LED. De voordelen van LED t.o.v. HPS zijn voor mij toch doorslaggevend om nu over te stappen. Voorheen waren LEDs nog niet zo geweldig en vond ik dat paarse licht maar niets, maar nu dus gewoon “geel” licht. Deze lampen gaan ook langer mee, dus ook al zijn ze duurder, je hoeft ze niet elk jaar te vervangen zoals die HPSjes (of eigenlijk zelfs minder dan een jaar, ik vervang ze vaak na 9 maanden al want merk toch dat de plantjes het minder goed doen). Kwaliteit van mijn vrouwtjes is zeker goed met de Horticraft Holland lampen en ben er zeer content mee dat ik deze heb aangeschafd. Heel fijn!

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