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only the best grow lights you will find at horticraft holland

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    Only the best grow lights at Horticraft Holland

    finding the best grow lights for growers who are serious about crop cultivation

    It’s understandable it can be hard to find the best grow lights for your needs online. There are so many websites and even more different kinds of grow lights. Not to mention to differentiate and understand the technical aspects of choosing the right LED grow light. Then there are websites with the sole intention of maximizing profits while taking honesty and transparency with a grain of salt. Sellers that make empty promises leaving growers disappointed. Marketing tricks showing exaggerated specs that could never meet expectations or even worse, misinforming and deceiving you with bogus specs.  

    Sadly, this is almost the norm rather than exception. However, luckily you found us… 


    What sets up apart from the rest?

     – Our deep knowledge of lighting, light frequencies, crop cultivation and many related topics go beyond most in the industry.

     – We strife to be as transparent as possible. Please get in touch with us if something is not clear or some information you deem missing on our website.

     – The specs of our products are real and true. No hidden information or exaggerated specs. 

     – We do not only want to sell you our horticulture lighting. We want to help you how to achieve exceptional yield so you can outgrow a pro!

     – Our products are truly top of the line performing LED grow lights, while keeping them affordable. We dare to say they are as good or even sometimes outperforms big brands.

     – Why pay more if you can get the best grow lights for less? Be aware you pay premium for the name of the brand. Usually the hardware is the same.

     – Go through our website where we help you, through our extensive source of information, to make an educated decision for choosing the right LED grow light.

     – We will keep submitting new articles in our Hortipedia so you can keep on learning how to become a better cultivator. If you have suggestions for articles, please let us know.


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