Wholesale Businesses And Distributors

Wholesale businesses flourish only if product quality is at its best. If you are a distributor, you would want to sell LED full spectrum grow lights that come with a good warranty, life-span, grow lights that increase production and crop quality.  At Horticraft Holland, we spent years investigating and developing technology that can provide the high standard your customers look for.

We have developed lighting systems that are waterproof (IP65) certified, have no moving parts, and are passively cooled. Our fixtures are also energy efficient and do not produce heat. You are looking for a brand that is safe, certified, and provide what your customers look for. Look no further; you have found that brand here!

To qualify for affiliate purchasing of our products, you would need to be operating your own store. You will also have to place a minimum order to be eligible for wholesale purchasing quantity. To know more about becoming an affiliate, please contact us at info@horticraftholland.com.

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