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Meet the vanguard of horticulture led lights suppliers

meet the vanguard of horticulture LED lights suppliers

Horticraft Holland is one of the leading horticulture LED lights suppliers and innovators of horticulture equipment for commercial and residential growers who are serious about cultivating consistently great indoor crops. Our unique background in LED light design and plant science sets our company above the rest. We get out of the design studio and into the garden for a hands-on understanding of the needs of our clients. We deliver practical, research-backed lighting solutions with guaranteed consistency and reliability for better crop yields.

As horticulture LED lights suppliers, we specialize in the indoor, greenhouse, and vertical farming horticulture lighting and equipment with a dedication to making products that promote plant growth, maximize yield, optimize nutritional value in crops, and function maintenance free for years. Our full spectrum LED grow lights are used and loved by large commercial growers and small residential farmers alike. Our LED grow lights can save you up to 50% on your energy use while giving you a higher quality plant crop.

Niki Lin
CEO / Founder

“As a Founder and CEO of Horticraft Holland on a mission to revolutionize the horticulture industry through innovative Multi-Wave technology and world disrupting ingenuity. His entrepreneurial journey officially commenced 14 years ago and it has been quite an adventure exploring the marketing, export, restaurant, and bar industry. However, the roots of his current enterprises lie in his early adulthood where he started learning everything he could put his hands around the art & science of horticulture and lighting. As a passionate doer, he developed his own aeroponics system and used it to successfully cultivate crops.

After years of research and a quest for a more impactful way how he could serve the world, Horticraft Holland was born. ”


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Aqil Ghaffar

Fiercely optimistic! Aqil absolutely loves everything that has to do with Design & Manufacturing. He’s a positive-mindset team leader who is passionate about growing and raising the level of his technical team and himself. He always focuses on solving complex technical challenges by using advanced engineering knowledge and CAD skills. Aqil joined Horticraft Holland in August 2019 as the CTO, leading his team by transcending innovative concepts into ingenious crafts.

Marjolein Greebe

Horticraft holland - your source as horticulture led lights suppliers

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